NRAS properties in Melbourne for sale

What You’ll Learn from us:

  • The benefits of purchasing an NRAS property
  • How the Government will pay you tax free
  • incentives for the next 10 years to invest in new residential property 
  • Property investment advice in Melbourne on selecting the right NRAS properties.
  • How to make your investment purchase cashflow positive 
  • How to make your property the most sought after by tenants

What are the benefits of investing in an NRAS residential property?

The residential rental market represents a good long-term investment with the opportunity for significant capital gains. Investors in the Scheme can expect to benefit from the annual tax-free NRAS Incentive for 10 years, rental yields and capital gain.

Where are NRAS properties located?

NRAS dwellings are located in specific locations that have been shown to have an undersupply of affordable accommodation; typically these are very sought after areas that have very low vacancy rates. As a requirement of the NRAS each of the locations are selected due to the availability of amenities including public transport, access to shops, schools and employment hubs.

Our Melbourne NRAS Properties for sale allows you to:

  • Purchase an NRAS property and receive cash incentives $10,350 per year 
  • Earn at least $120,000 in “tax free” income from government incentives for every property purchased – over a 10 years period
  • Access a direct residential property investment in a highly sought after location
  • Reduce your tax burden through negative gearing
  • Enjoy positive cash flow from brand new property 
  • Access finance strategy advice to help you purchase the property using little or none of your own money
  •  Be supported by a cohesive, experienced team of property investment strategist, financiers, NRAS consortium and NRAS property managers
  • Enjoy increased equity as the property grows in value;
  • Have flexibility so you can opt out of the scheme at any time.
  • Build your property portfolio of positive cash flow properties

We are  here to support you through the whole process. After you selecting the NRAS property or we help you to select the best NRAS property that best suit your need. And then our experienced team, financiers, property managers will  take care of the rest for you. So it will be a hassle free investment for you.  

View our Melbourne apartments for sale listing.

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